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or two years as a whole. the american estimation is three years. >> the obama administration wants to negotiate an end to iran's nuclear program, but israel's president told fox news his country has little faith that the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog can stop iran. >> so do you have any confidence in the iaea or its head? >> no, i don't think so. you know, they didn't even discover that there was a nuclear danger in syria. facts are stronger than institutions, and institutions shouldn't lag behind the realities. >> and one of those realities, warns "the wall street journal," is that the moolas ruling iran have decided they have nothing to fear. quote, they've long concluded that the u.n. is no threat as iaea chief has become an apology man for iran's program and can see that the west lacks the will to do anything. on fox news sunday, former vice president dick cheney was asked why the bush administration didn't take out the iranian nuclear program. >> it wasn't my decision to make >> would you have favored military action? >> i was probably a bigger advocate of military action than any o
for the obama administration over what to do about afghanistan. fresh allegations of voter fraud in the country's presidential election, and an increasingly heated debate over the number of american troops there. now, it can add yet another thing to the list. today an american fighter jet acting as part of the nato force known as isaf bombed two fuel trucks hijacked by the taliban. the explosion set set off a huge fireball, killing at least 70 people, many of them civilians according to afghan officials. it comes two months after nato said it wouldn't carry out such attacks if civilians were nearby. today's attack took place in the northern province of kun itn has our lead focus report tonight. >> reporter: it was exactly the kind of incident nato wanted to avoid. these relatives gathered outside the kunduz hospital, say innocent civilians caught in the fireball that erupted when isaf planes bombed two hijacked oil tankers. they had been trying to get free fuel. the taliban insurgents who hijacked the vehicle, reportedly beheaded two of the drivers, were distributing their catch. the internatio
that are going to be a headache for the obama administration. revising the status of forces agreement that governs our our troops are treated and their legal recourse in japan. reviewing or blocking the agreement to change u.s.ases in okinowa and things like declassifying nuclr agreements between the u.s. and japan. most of which date fro before i was bern. they are looking to find a bureaucrat to blame and they can't find one who's alive and who's around. not that anybody cares in the u.s. from nuclear agreements from 1959. the whole idea of throwing out unilaterally all the secret agreements is not going to build a lot of confidence in the about him administration about sharing intelligence and secret agreements so that will be a headache. proposals to -- this was not a manifesto but it's part of the earlier promise to pull japan's ships out of the indian ocean where they e fueling coalition forces in the effort against afghanistan. anynd all of these if really pushed will be a major headache the obama administration doesn't have the bandwidth to deal with right now. not pushed hard
, starting with today's statement from the president. president obama announced the administration's plan to shelve the eastern europe missile defense shield in a brief appearance at the white house. the president said that the change was necessary because iran is much closer to developing short and medium-range missiles than long-range missiles that could hit eastern and pe. >> the best way to responsibly advance our security and the security of our allies is to deploy a missile defense system that best responds to the threats that we face and that utilizes technology that is both proven and cost effective. >> facilities for the defense shield were to be located in poland and the czech republic. the missile interceptors themselves were to be housed at a base in gorsko, poland, while a radar installation was to be built in the brydy region of the czech republic. last fall, "worldfocus" traveled to brydy and found that many people were opposed to the plan. >> it's been very controversial. the village is split in two. >> jan cienski is a reporter for global post based in the polish capital
in to the russian pressure. though russia might benefit from mr. obama's decision, a senior administration official claims that potential benefit was not factored into this decision. the vice chairman of the joint chiefs agrees and says this decision was driven by cost savings and being able to have a more nimble reaction to the real threat of short and medium-range missiles. lou? >> thank you very much. >>> well, president obama's call to kill the missile shield program could give more ammunition to his critics who say he has become far too friendly with the wrong people. just last week the obama administration agreed to talks with iran and north korea. earlier this year president obama very publicly shook hands with the antiamerican president of venezuela hugo chavez and has since aligned with chavez and other leftist latin american leaders on the issue of the honduran coup. president obama met with russian president medvedev in moscow in july. now the president is embracing russia, giving in to russian demands that the united states drop the missile defense shield, which the president has just d
eight years ago, the generals provide the obama administration with a grim analysis of the prospect if the initiative is not gained from the taliban insurgency. the number of american troops in afghanistan is already almost doubled this year to the current level of 62,000. general mcchrystal said the campaign has been historically under resource and remains so today. he is expected to make a formal request for more troops. without adequate resources, he warned bluntly, the risk is the mission will fail but the idea of sending more troops is a hot political issue in washington. the administration is weighing it carefully. >> i think it is important we add a strategy to resources, but i will not put the resource question before the strategy question. until i am satisfied we got the right strategy i will not send one young man woman over there beyond what we already have. >> feeding ever more strongly into the washington politics and the debate over the afghanistan strategy is the former suppressant karzai's government. john mcchrystal suggests corruption underlying action -- given afg
not had that kind of global conservation corps. the obama administration is willing to talk about climate conservation and really focus on global standards. china is polluting big-time right now. how can we stop that from happening or curtail at some time -- curtail it somehow? the obama administration is starting to already do this, they are creating wildlife corridors, how to more properly used land, redefining some areas as wilderness. i think you will find a progressive and energetic conservation agenda, but the obama administration will have it and a year or two. another focuses on health care and is hard to get the parks in there. with the documentary coming out and hopefully my book is helpful and it reminds people we have a great park system, forest, monuments, scenic wonders, but we have to fight to continue to protect them, and that was r.r.'s legacy. -- t.r.'s legacy. folks like lyndon johnson and kennedy also fought hard. the hope is that the obama administration will do that, and so far it looks good and looks encouraging. tavis: finally, i know they have talked about this is
>>> tonight on "worldfocus" -- >> defying the obama administration, israel announces an expansion of settlements in the west bank, but is an accommodation in the works? as congress and the president try to fashion a grand compromise on health care, we will bring you part two of our series looking at other health care systems around the world. tonight, british health care under the microscope. we begin a "worldfocus" "signature series" on women in the muslim world. tonight, the very complicated situation inside iran, a unique look. and what are these little penguins in australia telling us about climate change? >>> good evening. i'm daljit dhaliwal. we're going to begin tonight with a deeper look at a story that you will be hearing a lot about in the coming weeks but is under the radar for most american television news. the middle east peace process and what many see as a pivotal issue. it is the building of jewish settlements in the west bank on lands that the palestinians claim as theirs. it's also about a potential freeze on such building, something that the obama administration
cheney continues to rile the far left because of his very public criticism of the obama administration. so who is winning in the court of public opinion? >> this really isn't about me. it's about challenging others to stand up for what you believe in. laura: and our is it legal team weighs in on carrie prejean suing the miss california organization for religious discrimination. plus, the latest on the jaycee dugard investigation. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute laura: hi, everyone. i'm laura ingraham reporting tonight for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. democrats are scratching their heads. why did the president's numbers fall so far so fast? that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. now, some political gurus predict the democrats could lose 20-plus seats in the house of representatives next year. gallup, rasmussen and other major polls show a downward trajectory for the obama administration across every m
major polls show a downward trajectory for the obama administration across every major democratic group. so why is this happening? look, it's true that president obama won the election because people wanted a change from bush policies. that's fair. but for many independent voters, that meant they wanted smarter economic policies. instead, what they got is huge deficits, high taxes, a ballooning federal government and, by the way, a weak and truculent foreign policy. hk, when we can't even convince scotland to do the right thing with the lockerbie bomber, you know we have lost ground. some have suggested that obama is in trouble because he has been too much influenced by the liberals in washington. but news flash, obama is a liberal. he is obsessed with climate change. he adores socialized medicine. he thinks taxes should be higher. he thinks apologizing equals leadership. for america, in other words, he is a typical ivy league liberal from the 1980s trying to refight all the old battles that ronald reagan decisively won a quarter century ago. in the end, history will likely show that wh
bret: the obama administration is close to committing another chunk of your tax dollars to prop up the housing market. fox business network correspond entsd peter barnes is here with details. >> this is a corner of the mortgage market you may not have heard about. this is financed through local and state financing agencies. they back about 100,000 mortgages a year, mainly to first-time home buyers or low-income home buyers at lower rates. sources say later this week, the administration will announce up to $35 billion in government assistance for these federal housing financing agencies. this is something that the president said he would consider when he first got into office. bret: and some breaking news this afternoon about the fdic looking for help from banks to shore up its dwindling funds what is the deal with this? >> right. the fdic has taken over more than 100 banks in the financial crisis and as a result that has squeezed the fdic's deposit insurance fund, which insures your bank deposit up to $250,000. the fund has gone from $50 billion two years ago to $10 billion and tha
on some 18 czars appointed by the obama administration. democrats had earlier signaled they were ready to approve the measure but were pressed by the white house to get rid of it. the healthcare coverage system used by millions of seniors is becoming ground zero in the fight over the latest healthcare reform bill. jim angle tells us what is at stake. >> as the senate continued to wrangle over healthcare, republicans argue thatdz proposed cuts in healthcare and especially a program called medicare advantage would flatly violate one of the president's pledges. >> so when the president says if you like your coverage you get to keep it, the answer is that's not true for those people. >> because that program would be cut by $12320 billion reducing benefits. representatives of is supple supplemental programs that functions like a h.m.o. and one in four seniors use it, 11 million in all, but president obama dismissed the program as nothing but lining the pockets of insurance companies. >> people currently signed up for medicare advantage are going to have medicare, and the same level of imen
director of the gallup center for muslim studies, she is an adviser to the obama administration and leads an unprecedented survey of more than 1 billion muslims worldwide. dalia, welcome to the program. >> thank you. >> let me start by asking you, your polling shows that america's image has improved in some muslim countries since 9/11. give us some context, why that is? and are there countries in this list that might surprise us? >> well, i think it's very interesting which countries those are. the biggest improvement has been in egypt and saudi arabia, which used to be among the countries with the lowest approval rating of the united states. in egypt, for example, the leadership of the united states went up from only 6% of approval val, still not a 3hc9uñ majority but an important improvement. >> what are some of the reasons why that has happened? >> i think that the overtures of the obama administration to muslim majority countries have been appreciated and recognized by the public in egypt and in saudi arabia and in many other muslim majority countries. the main issue that angered egy
attacks from al-qaeda. the approach of the obama administration should be to come to those people who were involved in that policy and say how did you do it? what were the keys to keeping the country safe over that period of time? instead, they're out there now threatening to disbar the lawyers that gave us the legal opinions, threatening contraire toy what the president originally said they were going to go out and investigate the cia personnel that carried out those investigations. >> former vice-president dick cheney there talking with fox news sunday host chris wallace. this interview did not escape notice at the white house. here is what national security advisor, general jim jones said in response. >> obviously, the former vice-president feels strongly about certain things. i don't know if it's a question of legacy, i was on active duty when these techniques were used. i was surprised and disappointed. i think it comes down to the basic laws and our values. >> report, judy, the former vice-president obviously pushed back hard against some of the changes and some of the plans the obam
a the obama administration joins us now. ok. today, ben bernanke, the top economic guy comes out and says, you know, the recession may be over. nobody covers it. nobody said a word. you know why? acorn. is this amazing? >> it is astonishing. the connection with obama is a little closer than you generously gave him credit for. in addition to his paying them $800,000 during the campaign to work for him, they paid him in 1995 to be their lawyer when they sued the state of illinois. bill: the statute of limitations runs out on that, when? that's 13 years ago. you know, obama is in chicago. they hired him. it was a justice department suit and it was a legitimate deal. people are going to make up their own minds. the perception is, i will grant you, that president obama and acorn are sympathetic co. >> this comes at a very difficult time for obama. because he is getting clobbered over health care reform. here he addressed a joint session of congress, and all of the american people gave a superb speech, i thought distorted but superb. and people were watching. his ratings rose six or seven points. op
alert. after criticizing the bush administration for extending troop deployments, the obama administration is now doing just that, extending tours of duty for some of our men and women serving in afghanistan. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is at the p pentagon with the breaking details. >> fox news has learned that the families of the 82nd airborne division at ft. bragg, troops serving in eastern afghanistan, have been told recently that their tours will be extended by nearly two months. that means that nearly 1,000 u.s. troops have been ordered to stay in afghanistan for 14 rather than 12 months, a sharp break from president obama's campaign pledge to do more for troops and their families. he sharply criticized president bush for the 15-month army tours that were needed during the surge. on october 29, 2007, candidate obama in an m.t.v. presidential forum said "don't tell folks that they are going to be going for a 12-month tour and then it ends up being a 17-month tour. don't tell them they're supposed to be on one tour and suddenly they're on thee tours.
. on friday, the obama administration said it would accept iran's offer to speak. what could it look like and what could be accomplished. join iing me live is the deputy director for studies at if monterey institute of international studies. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what does it mean for the u.s. and five partner countries to hold talks? >> it makes good on the obama administration efforts to engage iran. if we actually make progress in the talks, we will have benefits on the nuclear side and maybe other areas. that remains to be seen. >> okay, let's talk about the time of year. the talks were made on wednesday. what's being interpreted as a manipulation of the election this summer? >> well, i think part of it has to do with the government trying to gain respect. if the united states sits down with it, it will have a legitimizing impact. they are concerned about the strict sanctions. the obama administration said if we don't talk in november, it will continue. >> the big if, when it comes to meeting with u.s. and iran. what is your take? can the u.s. make any sort of headw
with the polish president about the obama administration decision to scap plans for a ground based european defense shield partially based in poland, plans centered on iran's growing capabilities. >> this missile shield plan, this move to do it was a strong signal to iran, but it is now moved that the central european region will be forever outside a certain tier of influence. of course, you can never use the word "forever" in politics, but from our point of view, it was a very important view for us. >> i will have more of that interview later in the show. right now, back to the united nations where the world leader who last year referred to then president bush as a devil threw a few more more arrows at the former president. eric shawn is live with that story. good evening, eric. >> good evening, bret. no more smell, that's what hugo chavez said to the general assembly, and yet he was true to form. it was another rambling stream of consciousness discourse that touched on everything from music and movies and george bush. remember he talked about george bush as the devil? he referred to the p
inside the camp. >> it is very frustrating, especially now in light of the obama administration saying that they wish to have greater transparency. it is more than a bit ironic that members of the press are being denied access to the camp when they had it under president bush. >> multiple sources tell fox the decision to stop the trips was a washington decision. one soldier described it as a d.o.d. policy. asked to explain the change, a pentagon spokesman said "past experiences led me to believe it is best to keep these visits focused on the purpose of the trip, which, in this case, is military commission motions." what the defense department is suggesting is that reporter book separate trips to the camps which are expensive and time consuming. coverage is guantanomo is deemphasized. catherine herridge, fox news. bret: just days after arrests in what authorities say was a major terrorist operation here in the u.s., the justice department's inspector general says the f.b.i.'s weapons of mass destruction unit has serious problems. the audit says unit leaders can not identify the top thre
administration. these bizarre statements, as the clock since president obama signed the order to close guantanamo within a year, less than one dozen nations have taken detainee's. former detainee's in bermuda are considering opening a restaurant. 90% are still at military prison camps. there are only four months left. the white house insist -- >s -- >> the president will keep his commitment. >> a questionable track record. with congress still tinkering with the the revision of the military commissions act for detainees that cannot be tried in criminal court, it appears that reaching the deadline is out of reach. >> the obama administration has tweaked many of the bush counter-terrorism policies, like keeping military commissions. he is going to ask for a long detention. guantanamo will be open next year. despite the urging that it be closed now. >> we are learning that the obama administration is dealing with the same issues that prevented the bush administration from closing guantanamo. they are also having to deal with very bizarre court filings. shepard: back in washington, the house of repres
'll be counting down the top 10 most controversial figures inside the obama administration right now. this is an important report every american needs to hear. first, the past few months have not been kind to the democrats. the poll numbers shall plummeting. apparently desperate times call for desperate measures. that is our headline tonight. fear tack tings -- tactics. members of the democratic party have been out in full force this week and sent a very clear message to the american people -- oppose president obama's policies alt your own risk. first former president jimmy carter said many of those opposing policies of the obama administration are racist president >> i think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity against president obama is based on the fact that he is a black man. sean: the former president wasn't done there. the very next day -- >> people that are guilty of that kind of personal attack against obama have been influenced to a major degree by a belief that he should not be president because he happens to be african-american. sean: following p
. tonight: >> i think it's terrible decision. president obama made the announcement his administration would not go back and try to prosecute cia personnel. laura: yet the obama administration is pushing full speed ahead to investigate the cia terror warriors. how does that help us keep safe? >> we have a moral duty to pass health care reform and we need to pass it this year. laura: are democrats still exploiting senator kennedy's death to push through government-run health care? we will tell you what they are saying. >> he's crazy. he's out of his head. laura: and how did this evil freak keep this poor girl captive for 1 years? and did law enforcement drop the ball? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute laura: hi, everyone. i'm laura ingraham reporting tonight for bill o'reilly. thanks a lot for watching us. our top story focuses on the war of words unfolding between the obama administration and the former bush white house. now it's all ab
that it was legislature. my preference is, as i said in the statement, for the obama administration to cut them off, because they had been getting funds. congress has never earmarked funds for acorn. bill: is a good message. it is a good message. >> yes, and no, but the constitution is important. i do not like the idea of us by legislation doing this, because we cannot do it as appropriately, so i would have preferred it to be done by the administration. bill: do you not admire them? is this not what we should be? all citizen watchdogs? whistle-blowers for corruption? >> i have no reason to look into it, that they may have violated maryland law. even if someone is doing something good, they should not violate maryland law. that is what i cannot tell you the answer. it is complicated. bill: in spirits, do you not admire them in spirit? >> bill, can i finish talking about this? you tell me they violated the law. no, it is not an easy question. do i get to answer the question? bill: nobody cares about the maryland wiretap law. i want to know in spirit. >> what an outrageous statement. no one cares abo
, they miscalculated and or wrong, and it turned out to be a huge problem. the obama administration did not fight the van jones. it was very expedient and very disappointing. if you know somebody has a background, and you decide to put somebody in that position anyway, then i think you have a duty to fight for that person, absolutely. that is what has happened in the past with president bush and others did they were on the sunday shows, and they did nothing. -- and others. they were on the sunday shows, and they did nothing. jamie: amanda, should the rules change? now that i have had a chance to look at this questionnaire, that anybody is receiving a salary from our heart-err dollars and serving our president, they should disclose what is on the survey -- a salary from our hard-burned dollars -- hard- earned dollars. >> when i think about this, i wonder that maybe they put him in the position for the precise reason there was no verting process -- no vetrting process -- vetting. you have to wonder if they put him in this place because there ve. he is giving interviews to "the washington post" and
'll explain. and is the administration putting the nation's farmers in a bind? stay tuned. bret: the obama administration is falling through on its promise to target employers of illegal immigrants instead of the workers themselves but as correspondent dan springer reports, a new crackdown could not come at a worse time for one of the nation's most important industries. >> the billion dollar fruit crop in washington state is ripe for the picking, but growers like rob are worrying about more than getting their apples to market. i.c.e. has launched an offensive against employers who hire illegal immigrants. >> we are trying to create for the first time ever a truly national program of work site enforcement, trying to create a national deterrence to the employment of illegal labor in this country. usi.c.e. is auditing hundreds of businesses to ensure workers are legal. labor department research shows more than 60% of seasonal pickers use fake documents to get hired. many growers look the other way there is no way you can go from where we're at now to say ok, we're going to have a total crackd
's more than two dozen czars reporting to the obama white house, far more than any other administration in history. none of the so-called high level advisers are subject to congressional vetting or approval. lisa sylvester has our report. >> reporter: pick a topic and there's likely to be an obama administration czar. car czar, climate czar, and pay czar. all told, some 30 specialized czars. some congressional lawmakers felt like they were cut out of the vetting process. >> the constitution makes it very clear they should be put up by the president and confirmed by the senate. and these czars are simply deliberately sirkm venting that process. >> van jones was president obama's green czar. he resigned after it was revealed he signed a pudition that showed the bush administration allowed the 9/11 attacks to happen and separately, that he used a vulgar term to describe republicans. glenn beck was the first to criticize jones. this after a group co-founded by jones, the color of change, tried to lead a boycott of beck's sponsors. it's led to new scrutiny of other obama appointees. among th
spoke out against the obama administration's decision not to build missile defense systems in the czech republic and poland. this is 20 minutes. >> the obama administration announced they are terminating the missile defense system of 10 interceptor's plan for deployment in poland and radar in the czech republic. we are seeing the administration's real national security policy merge. it undercuts allies, caves into russia, and kowtows to iran and north korea. this unit rattled decision -- this unilateral decision undermines the polls and the checks. this approach -- they provide support the administration is capitulating to russian demands. despite the administration's adamant statement that was not making the decision on tree with missile defense, on the eve of negotiations they give russia what they want. it hardly seems the way to start negotiations. contrary to the intelligence and evidence reports that indicate a growing iranian threat. the obama administration claims that the threat is now downgraded. we have seen nothing to indicate any downgrade of the threat. iranian behavior th
settlements that the palestinians wanted for a future homeland. >> do you think the obama administration focusing on the settlement issue so much at the beginning set back the talks? >> well, i think it's the palestinian interpretation of the american position that may have been the problem here, and i'm glad the united states and the president made their position clear that we should have talks, resume talks without pre-conditions. that's been my position all along, and i hope we get on with t >> president abbas said after the meeting today that israel must agree to the road map borders and agreements in 2008. is israel prepared to do that? >> there you go again. we will start discussing who failed this or that commit many, and we're just not going to find our way. in order to get it on, to move forward, we have to move forward. we can't all the time look back, and i said today in the meeting with president obama and mr. abbas, i said, look, you have your claims against us. we have our claims against you, you know. we'll never get this done, so let's focus on the future, and move to try
is happening inside the obama administration right now. george, i think rightly points out, how secretary gates is a bit conflicted over this we know, vice president biden is very much against any kind of in crease. administration officials also argue, we haven't tried there for eight years and to abandon afghanistan now, could cause this resurgence of al qaeda. >> the obama administration realizes they're caught between two previous strategies in which case they neither worked. attend of the clinton years, there was this call to do this offshore effort as the next option and that was when we were doing missile strikes on al qaeda camps in afghanistan. it didn't work and we ended one 9/11. and then president bush tried the next approach, an actual invasion of the country. he never got his plan he talked about off the ground. that allowed the taliban to come back in. at this point, the argument that has been made to president obama with some success earlier this year, was you can't try the counter counterinsurgency effort. what you have heard from secretary gates, let's give these additional tro
are not particularly please window this. >> you know, it's very strange the obama administration picked i'm sure by sheer ignorance the date that was the 70th anniversary of the soviet union stabbing poland in the back in 1939 and in poland there is this permanent sense of insecurity because they've got russia on one side, germany on the other and i think they regard this as a very bad and very troubling decision. grax does -- greta: the president said because the technology wasn't there, we needed something else, you don't buy that? you think it was an effort to keep the russians happy? >> let me say first of all that i think it's totally wrong to be defending against iranian missiles because i don't think we should have a strategy -- i think we should make sure they have no nuclear weapons and do whatever it takes to make sure they have no nuclear weapons but i think symbolically, you know, the russians came out within an hour and said this does not mean anything, we're not going to give you any concessions, don't think this makes us happy. this was an american mistakes and we're glad you corr
that mean, nina totenberg, for this town and the obama administration? >> in previous administrations, particularly republican administrations, they went ballistic and launch investigations and sometimes got out the polygraph. i do not know if they are doing an internal investigation. i am sure rahm emanuel went through the roof. you know the expression the president gets when he is not pleased? i am sure that is what he is doing. this happens. it just does happen. sometimes, while administration hates it, it is for the better in the long run >> you investigate it if it is a low- level week, someone at the bottom of the poll tried to influence policy. this clearly -- i do not have inside information, but its import is so great that you have to imagine it is the generals themselves or the top aides were concerned about the inaction on this recommendation who made sure it got out. i cannot imagine that this was unknown to anybody in the high command. in a sense, it is not so much a leak, it is a challenge by the military against the civilian commander, who, ironically, as we said, appoi
during the obama administration to ensure the safety of americans in the united states. i believe our roadways, bridges, et cetera are fairly safe, but i don't feel that we have that good of relations with other countries that would prevent an attack. might he be making a point, or have we as a country, indeed, made some headway as it pertains to better cooperation with other countries? >> i think we've made tremendous headway in that regard. president obama has made a priority of increasing international cooperation and signaling to the world, saying to the world that the united states respects the opinion of the international community. that's not to say we'll always agree and it certainly isn't to say we're going it let our foreign policy be dictated by other countries, but it is to say that not only is it the right thing to do, but also it's a very smart counterterrorism strategy to enlist the cooperation of the international community. >> clark, we have been hearing from people in so many shapes around forms. josh has been going through a number of questions and comments from peo
, forget congress, the obama administration is now thinking about riding its own health care bill. this have some republicans see him scratch it all and start over. hello, caroline. >> right now, there are four health care reform bills, there could be soon be six proposals on the table, one could come straight from the president, but it's not a done deal. the white house communications advisor on health care policy, she tells, fox, quote, the president has been reviewing the various legislative proposals, no decisions about whether legislation will be presented. so far mr. obama has given more than two dozen speeches on reform in recent months and hasn't talked about the kn nitty-gritty details. the administration officials say the president will get more specific than we've heard so far in his address to congress wednesday night. the white house won't commit will the president will put into the bill, a government-run health care option. but they've been talking to republican senator olympia snoe that the government run program will be triggered if they don't make health insurance
still made its larger point, protesting the obama administration's spending cuts for the capital's school voucher program. >> it's deplorable the way the children in this program have been treated. 216 kids' vouchers were revoked. they thought they were going to private schools this year, schools their parents chose, schools that would work for them. >> your families, teachers and i are making sure you have the education you need. >> some folks in mr. obama's backyard think he can do more, particularly for the 216 low-income d.c. students barred from private and parochial schools because his education secretary, arne duncan, extended vouchers only for the 1,7000 local kids already in the program. >> it was like a slap in the face. i worked so hard to find the right school for my daughter, with the help of the d.c. opportunity scholarship program, and then to have president obama's secretary of education take that away, i felt betrayed. >> duncan told fox news that the students still in the sowcher program are there because of him. >> we can't be satisfied with saving 1 or 2% of c
under current going through the obama administration that the voters don't understand. but they expect the worse and are against it. john: cal we agreed during the campaign that the media were very much on then candidate obama's side what has happened to president obama? >> nothing and that's the problem. there's a dignity and prestige and pow goes with the presidency that barack obama has not fully embraced nor has he been embraced by these factors. he's still behaving as if he were in campaign mode. go on television, make a speech, do a news cover. have an availability, exclusive interviews and the force of my personality, through the media will be able to persuade voters. it isn't working. john: what are you expecting judy from that speech? >> i'm not expecting anything except what we've been hearing again and again. there's a little bit all obama, all the time, too much, too much is a factor here. it was said on abc, i wonder if the president doesn't think that the solution to everything isÁgiving a speech. that's what people seem to be reacting to. notice his polling numbers have
something in the obama administration called the tinkerbell effect. i'm not kidding about this, from peter pan. that is when you think things will happen, good things will happen just because you wish they would happen, and it is the tinkerbell effect that applies when you are going to shut down gitmo and you think, well, somehow, you know, we'll find a place for these 90 guys or so that can't be released or put on trial, and it was the tinkerbell effect to think that the iranians, to be nice to them and they will then negotiate over nuclear arms. it doesn't work. >> peter pan and derosha in one panelist, too. bret: finally, the obama administration has not had an easy time with confirmation of its nominees or, for that matter, at least one of its czars. but now there is this. >> president obama is being criticized by those who sees his pick for surgeon general is wasted. the president ignores the controversy and instead is focusing on getting congressional approval for his new drug czar. new drug czar.
that the obama administration is considering mar feign policy changes inhe mdle east and afghanistan. the imes" said that the prident is easing his demand for an israeli settlemen freeze in apushto get the mideast peace talks started. it said the pivot greatly increases the stakes for an administration thatas fou even sma advanc to be bond reach. it also risks makingr. obama appear ineffeive in not having gained a tangible early goal in his middle east policy. "the timesalso said the prident is considering a sttegy shift in the afghan war by psuing altnatives to plans to send mre additial troops there. this article said the options der review are part o what adminiration officials descrid as a wholesa reconsideration of a sttegy that theresident announced th fanfare just six months ago. >>> soust how significant are these shis? we are joined james ndsay, a senior vice present and directorf the studies at t uncil on foreign retions. sowhat about this alternative approach to afghanistan? what might it be? who might be pushing it? and what are the chances of the administtion would pursueit rathe
of those opposing policies of the obama administration are racist president >> i think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity against president obama is based on the fact that he is a black man. sean: the former president wasn't done there. the very next day -- >> people that are guilty of that kind of personal attack against obama have been influenced to a major degree by a belief that he should not be president because he happens to be african-american. sean: following president carter's lead was none other than the san francisco speaker, no spin. -- nancy pelosi. she warned that the passionate debate over health care and other issues could actually lead to violence right here in the u.s.. >> i have concerns about some of the language that is being used because i saw this myself in the late 1970's in san francisco, this kind of rhetoric was very frightening and it created a climate in which we -- violence took place. sean: so i guess if you disagree with president obama and the democrats you are either racist or guilty. inciting preliminary violence. joining
that are choking these companies, and it was a failure for the obama administration to double down after that. this is something that is going to take a long time to fix or we can cut our losses now and get government's hand out of the till and learn a valuable lesson that this kind of government intervention does not work. >> is this going to be a great object lesson, steve? >> no, because government doesn't learn, otherwise we wouldn't have fannie, freddie and medicare and penn central in the '70's when the government took over conrail, and they had to lose a ton of money before they realized get it back in the private sector and deregulate the railroad industry. they are slow at learning. you think our students have a hard time. in washington, they never learn. it takes decade. welfare reform, it took 60 years to get that. >> steve, do you agree with him on this one? >> i try. it is like the military. is that a good expenditure. they keep blowing up all their toys and leaving dead bodies around but you got to consider the alternative. when the bush administration spent all this money -- ja
seriously? >> that remains to be seen. "new york times" is reporting that the obama administration will give three months to open the nuclear site, all the nuclear sites to inspections. today secretary clinton at a meeting in new york city said leaders did not reveal that confidential information. before the meeting about the statement from iran's top nuclear chief that iran will open up those newly disclosed sites. here is what she said. >> it is always welcome when iran makes a decision to comply with the international rules and regulations and particularly with respect to the iaea. >> she also said in our talks with the gulf leaders they are all hoping in preparing for the meeting on october 1st about iran's nuclear program iran will come and share with the international community what they are willing to do and give a timetable for letting the u.n. inspectors in, but we have heard that before. >> julie: new comments, more tough talk from the secretary of state? >> you her what she said. she is being very diplomatic and not putting a timetable on it. though are reporting the u.s. will giv
casualty attacks from al qaeda. the approach of the obama administration should be to come to those people who were involved in that policy and say how did you do it? with us tonight, contributor at the nation and and author of "blackwater." good evening. >> sobering to think that man had his finger on the trigger. >> still thinks he does. that's the other part of it. mr. obama said, mr. holder said -- both did, they will only investigate those who actually went beyond the bush/cheney guidelines which infuriated many on the left on the pretext that breaking the law is enough to merit investigation, breaking the law that broke the law. why would cheney object to obama enforcing rules that come from bush and cheney? >> let's remember dick cheney doesn't want the american people not to mention the u.s. congress to know anything that happened under his administration that when he took us to the dark side, he talked about it. but let's remember here that these legal justifications for torture, that's what it was, that cheney and bush and their lawyers developeded, they were incredible stretches
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